Techniques for a 1940s Continuous Roll Hairstyle

The continuous roll was a hairstyle popular in the 1940s.

During WWII, while so many young men were off fighting, women had to step into physical jobs. For safety and appearance reasons, these jobs had a lot of requirements about how women wore their hair. This meant they needed to wear hair up away from moving machinery or off the collar.

This new way of life for women led them to come up with creative, sculptural ways to put their hair up. The continuous roll was one of these creative options. When styled properly, a continuous roll looks like 1 round element that travels around the entire hairline.

This tutorial, posted on YouTube, shows how to connect 2 identical victory rolls to look like 1 continuous roll. With the help of the Roll & Go Hair Tool, if you style a few of these around your head and connect them, you can get a beautiful vintage hairstyle that goes around your entire hairline!

Read more about how doing men’s work during WWII had an adverse effect on women’s feminine self-image, but women still did their best to stick to their beauty routines. It was considered part of her duty to keep up her outward appearance for both her own morale and for those around her.

For another 1940s vintage hair tip, here is a little piece from an old hair magazine. See a quick break down of how it was created.

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